The Path.

This is a song I’ve been working on tonight. I wrote it based on the idea that societal norms have ruined the ability for a person to easily connect with themselves. Society has set functional standards for mass bodies of peoples to follow, but what society has always forgotten to do is give people the room they need to connect with their inner-self. We connect with our inner-self, true, but how close can you get? Those standards are the path that we have to break away from in order to find that complete balance within ourselves. If we don’t break this pattern just a little bit, we are only as good and as aware as the societal standards we blindly and robotically uphold.

The Path
Often times I listen and hear
Dull voices and broken ideas
A strange thought approaches softly
Enters through my ear

Skeleton key worked again
You are not who you were before
Follow it along the path
Forget all that once was yours

Fall away,
Fall away,
From the path

Speaking aloud but no one hears
The soapbox crumbles down
Mindless drones walking by and by
The silence can drown

Someone must dam it up
Someone must direct
Too much of the same and too little of different
An imbalance is found



Grass grows through cracks big and little
The path is overgrown
Slowly and surely
The path is overthrown

Taking it all a stride at a time
You cannot ask for more
Paths are only as good as
The feet they have worn



4 responses

  1. Beautiful lyrics ~ I agree with you re connecting with inner self. Societal rules are only as important as we make them. I often ponder about the simplest rules that cause limitation. Your lyrics make me think even deeper. Thanks!

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