Rainy Sunday

Rainy days are always good for something…but there’s something special about a rainy Sunday. It’s the day before the beginning of the work week. It’s the last day to enjoy the weekend. When I was younger and in elementary school, rainy Sundays were the worst days because that meant we had to spend the last day of freedom from school inside. I spent most of my childhood outdoors in trees and tall grass with my brother. We got into everything we should have and shouldn’t have gotten into. A rainy Sunday meant that we weren’t going to get to run around and do the things we loved to do, fishing, fourwheeling, dirt biking, dirt clog wars, clearing paths on our land for race tracks, all cancelled events on a rainy Sunday.

When you get older, I have realized, a moment in which you get to slow down is a moment for reflection and/or relaxation. When you’re a kid you know only one speed and that is wide open. For me this reflection comes in the form of music (listening to it or writing it), reading, journalling, and now blogging. Sometimes I get the urge to honor the inner childlike impulse of running in the rain, but I have yet to honor it yet.

How do you spend your rainy Sundays?


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