Refreshingly Open.

Currently songwrittengly-messy keyboard corner

Currently songwrittengly-messy keyboard corner

It is extremely refreshing to have all of my instruments set up in a functional manner. The last time I was able to set up ALL of my instruments in a way that was easily accessible for playing them was when I was living with my parents. Then, I only had my drum set…could only play drum set then.

It is nice to just come into the office and play. No need to worry about getting my instruments out of cases. If I want to record, just walk over here to the iMac, set up Logic, press record, then play. It is exactly how I envisioned our first home.

Having my instruments, my job tools, my creative outlets easily accessible has opened up new possibilities, it seems. I feel more creative. My playing has reflected this change. My playing is more comfortable and is free from the constraints of cases and covers and closets. The words, chords, and melodies seem to just be there now.

The groove corner

Groove central

Maybe having my instruments “closed off” (in a sense) and put away in their cases all the time metaphysically closed them off from me. Not having the space to keep my instruments out in the open really put a damper on my creative nature. I think another contributor to this new refreshed creativeness is where we are. It is so quiet out here. Our closest neighbor is still far away to where we don’t hear them, and they don’t hear us. It’s a noiseless paradise compared to our apartment-living in Columbia.

I am thankful that we were able to find a place where I can reconnect with my inner-creativity. It is an important part of who I am. I feel whole again.


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