Tuning your breath to the key of expression and intuition.

Self-regulated and conscious asphyxia or forgetting to breathe

Rejecting fresh air intimate with enclosed sameness
Tension brings thoughts to a t-boned car wreck
And anxiety settles in.

Cooling warm glass shatters it’s existence
Because of molecular tension a lot like our breath
The space between the cracks is glass?
Or empty space?

To breathe is to be alive and taste and smell
To allow breath to enter is to be present in life
The space is space is space
Tell infinite nature of what is between the glass
Shrinks and enlarges what it is we are to be and have become
Bring present in life is being between the glass so-to-speak.

Breathing air fresh or not
Unravels and stirs enclosed sameness in order to replenish
Think out loud and speak within
Express yourself and expand boundaries
Progressing the naturally progressive human thought processes
Starts with remembering and acknowledging a breath
The invisible inspiration. The overlooked inspiration.
Inspiration and lifeforce like that which speaks without words but expresses infinite knowledge…a breath.




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