Initiating Your Hidden Self

follow it.
The inevitability of discovering yourself in music intrigues me. Finding yourself hidden within a lyric, whether you’ve written, heard, or read the lyric, or maybe you have related to a particular melody line or phrase of music. Have you ever been caught off-guard by the effect a particular piece of music has had on you? Did you further explore what that piece of music meant to you? It is important to fully explore these notions or incidents of surprise in order to best understand yourself. To maybe follow a detour on a road you weren’t intending on following. Knowing yourself and why you find meaning and pleasure or distaste in particular music, experiences, objects, or places can be important in order to experience fullness. (Fullness meaning balance in life; levity in a storm; flash of gold in a dark cave.)

After you relate in a surprising way to external stimuli, be it music or otherwise, how do you explore those feelings? Do you journal or blog about the experience? Do you write music upon the inspired idea, or maybe create a piece of visual art inspired by the surprise? To know yourself is to be yourself fully, in and out. There is a meaning to fulfill in this surprise. There is a freedom of will and the will to meaning, and there is also the meaning in life. Fulfillment. Justification of the experience and how it fits in the puzzle.

I implore you to explore. Become fully aware. Do not overlook even the smallest difference in the way you feel about a situation in your life. Meaning is everywhere and we do not have to go through life without exploring it. In fact, finding that meaning is the path to fulfillment and balance. Trusting yourself on a journey towards enlightenment. Lose yourself in your favorite music and go to your favorite place…and write. Write about what you experience. Try and find yourself on a cellular level. Know every cell in your body. Know every breath. Find your fulfilled, balanced, maybe hidden Self in song.


2 responses

  1. Dean, this is a great post, and I particularly appreciate it, because I’ll be doing a workshop on the Joys of Journaling in a week at Kardon (in Philadelphia). I absolutely agree with you. If we, as music therapists, aren’t willing to know ourselves, how can we model self-awareness and integration for our clients? Thanks for the inspired/inspiring read!

  2. Hi Dean, wonderful post! This really spoke to me today, particularly because I discovered some new music today (actually about 20 minutes ago!) that really touches me. And I also feel that exploring those feelings, whether it be journaling, art, dance, etc, is very important in claiming them and experiencing them!

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