Really Reflecting.

Transition. Good. Change.

Transition. Good. Change.

It is obvious to me that every couple of blog posts I publish on this blog are about the blog itself. The posts consist of subject content that is related to how I never post in the blog, maybe about how I should change the focus of the blog, or maybe about the act of writing itself. I realize that these points should not become the focus of the blog and that maybe I am due for a definite name change.

To limit myself to “An Existential Music Therapist’s Reflections” is uncharacteristic of my normal behavior. I try to distance myself from constraints and labels, yet I have done so here in my place to share with you. Yes my clinical work aligns with existentialist theory and practice. Yes, in fact, I do enjoy reflecting (sometimes too much…see previous blog entry). Do I really want the title so specific? It is limiting and it is clear that I rarely even incorporate any existential thoughts or reflections into my blog posts! It is so hard for my to determine or pinpoint, rather, what to share that which fits within the scope of existentialism and how it relates to my music therapy work, and it also be information that isn’t confidential. With its close attachment to personal experiences and meaning, writing about my reflections in music therapy practice in existential alignment with clients and patients is difficult to do without sharing too much. This fact is true for any type of therapy or healthcare experiences, not just music therapy and not just from an existential approach. Existential music therapy isn’t the only way I practice so why should I limit myself, and represent myself, with only that practice in the title. I try to be as well-rounded, present, and prepared for anything in a session so that I maybe best suited for each client. So it is time for a definite name change of this blog.

I wonder about what approach I should take to naming this blog. Who can relate? What material is here and what material will most likely transpire here? There will be music therapy, for sure. There will be exploration of the mind. There will be meaning. There will be life experiences. Where to put the focus…where to begin again…

I don’t want to say that by changing the name that I will change the focus. The problem isn’t the focus, but the name itself. I rushed the name because I wanted to relate to folks in a personal way. The problem is that I tried to relate, instead of just relating. Every time I give a presentation, Caroline, in how well she absolutely knows me, she tells me to just be myself. If I present with the same vigor and enthusiasm that I speak to her about music therapy, then there’s no chance that I will bungle the opportunity. That’s how I want to relate to readers…I want to convey my love of life and how I relate to it and all the wonderful, and not so wonderful experiences I meet both in my music therapy work and in my personal life. There are so many things I want to say about the wonderful things I see in my life and in my work. By limiting myself to existential reflections in music therapy practice, I damper how much I want to say. Some people can focus their energies into writing about a particular subject. I have learned that I cannot. I need the openness to express many things. Restriction sometimes births creativity for me, but in this case, it is time for change.

Since I am changing the focus of this blog, I want you to have part in helping to name this place of sharing. I know that if you have a blog, enjoy writing, or are a music therapist/healthcare professional, you can relate to what I have written and are aware of the importance of naming and how powerful it can be. Let’s create something together.

3 responses

  1. Hi Dean 🙂 I named my blog “…invigorating.” Why? 1) that’s how one of my clients sincerely described his experience during an active intervention one day, an experience I had worked hard to prepare for him, and 2) I want my life, my practice, my relationships, to be invigorating, not stagnant or passive. This is something I’ve begun working on during the past 3-ish years and has become a significant part of reflection and who I strive to be.

    Have you ever had a client say something that moved you that you could apply to yourself, your views, your desires? That could be a source.

    Or it could even be as simple as: “A space where I write.”

    Good luck! -Kristin

  2. Find something that summarizes a focus for you. Using your own words, here are a couple thoughts: “Where to Begin”& “Being Myself”. A couple of my own are: “Playful Thoughts” & “That Being Said…”. I look forward to where all these ideas take you on this journey.

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