Welcome to the my new blog!

If you are reading this and wondering, “Well this is just your old blog with a new look and a new URL” you are almost absolutely right! Yes all of my older posts are here from “An Existential Music Therapist’s Reflections”…Yes, a lot of the same categories are here. Why the change? I needed a new URL. I needed to break away from the old blog. It represented an over-analytical, pushed perspective. I had placed on myself this pressure to fill it with lots of philosophical viewpoints, music and existentialism, analysis of theory, etc. Half of which I never even touched or mentioned. This new space is clean. I have removed old blog posts that made me feel damp and less driven…the posts that were written almost out of spite for the overwhelming feeling I had to write some great treatise on existentialism in music therapy. The difference in the old site and this one is that I am not going to overwhelm myself with analysis. I am going to write whatever I feel like writing. I am beginning this blog to share my perspective with you in a conversational and relaxed way.

The tagline “Personal Tales and Music Therapy Musings” really sums up what I want this second chance to be about. This site will have a journal type of feel with some clinical references and probably music therapy intervention ideas in the process. The reality is that I do not actually know because I am an in-the-moment type of writer…which is something I ignored in the blog you are more familiar with. You will notice that the theme of the site is minimal. That is my overall intention. I realized that my writing was becoming this analytical conundrum and that I was overwhelming myself and taking away everything from writing that I love. So for posts following this one, you will find a more conversational style of writing, with that same analytical twist.

The subject content is different. There will be a more broad focus. I felt that I cornered myself with the existentialism theme. Here, there will only be that which comes to mind, be it a great music therapy intervention idea, a song I’ve written, photos of an excellent day outside with my lovely fiancé and pups, or most anything else.

On another note, I will be deleting my old blog within the next month or so, just FYI..everything from there is already here.


Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new experience!

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