Blue Vishuddha


Blue. Bleu. Bloo. Bah-loo. What is “blue” to me? I have had a great time reading everyone’s take on the word “blue”. I couldn’t help but to enjoy the differences between everyone’s interpretation of the inquiry from Laura Crum ( on “blue” and how awesome it is that music therapists have such a wide community of support!

My approach to this challenge is associative. When I first read the challenge, I said the word “blue” out loud and the word that followed was “chakra”. It is unclear to me why that was the first word that came to me because I am not very familiar with the practice, but I do appreciate researching the meaning behind a color that presents itself to me in an archetypal way, either in dreams, GIM sessions, meaningful occurrences, etc. I am aware of each chakra having an aligning sound, as well as a color. So I researched “blue” and it’s relationship with any chakras and if there wasn’t anything that I felt was related to our community of music therapists, I would have chosen another perspective. I found very interesting correlation between the challenge and it’s relationship to our community. So, instead of building a thought process around the word “blue” and how I relate to it in a therapeutic or resourceful sense, I would like to share with you what I found out about the “blue” chakra and how it relates to the practice of music therapy.

Blue represents the fifth chakra. In sanskrit it is vishuddha. It is the throat chakra. It is the color of healers. It represents communication self-expressions. It spiritually effects the expression of will power and creativity. For this color to be our challenge word holds more meaning than the obvious. We are a community of therapists with the intent to heal through music, creativity, and empower our clients to find their Self through this creative self-expression, to find meaning, to overcome challenges. This chakra is believed to be cleaned by singing or actively playing music. From a spiritual standpoint, if one is experiencing difficulty expressing their self verbally (their throat chakra is obstructed by some emotional or spiritual difficulty), then by singing or playing an instrument can they not “clean” this difficulty? Can they not be empowered by music, or by the therapist, to move forward? I can not help but to notice the continued appropriateness for this word “blue”. The chakra is for healers and singers and, personally, the coincidence holds meaning.

So, my perspective of “blue” was inspired by a random association. I found this concept interesting and I plan on exploring it more, but maybe not through writing…maybe through music. 🙂


3 responses

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  2. I didn’t know that blue was the healing color. Extra-appropriate for music therapists! 🙂 What a great associative connection!

    By the way, your phonetic “Bah-loo” made me think of the bear from The Jungle Book.

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