I am a normal guy trying to express to the world how I feel. Maybe somewhere along the way I can pick up some new ways of looking at things. I own and operate Creative Therapy, a music therapy private practice in Salisbury, NC and we serve people of all abilities and disabilities who may benefit from music therapy treatment. I also work full-time as the music therapist for The Pines at Davidson in Davidson, NC.

I am a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC). I graduated from Appalachian State University’s Hayes School of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree of Music in Music Therapy. I have experiences in working with an array of people of all ages, ranging from 2-104 years of age. The people I have worked with in the past are (were) experiencing one or more of the following: mental health disorders, cognitive deficit(s), an intellectual disability, physical impairments, neurological disorders, and terminal illness.

I have over 13 years of experience with percussion and drums, 8 years experience on piano, and 6 years experience with guitar. I believe in the power of clinical improvisation. We all have within ourselves the ability to create music, and through that music and faciliation by a MT-BC, we have the ability to use music to heal.

This blog is dedicated to experiences.


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