Lady, Love.

This is a song about love and inspired by a lady bug.

“Lady, Love.”

I see the wind
Carving the Earth’s end
Come along with me
Taste the morning rays 
Plush beams, listen and hear
Sounds of life awaken near

Flying by the lady sings
“Whisper to me dear, I have wings.”
Endless red blurs burst seams
Closer to the sun she flies and
The last of winter dies…
In the blue February skies

Spots shine, flicker, and blink
Large and small lights speak
Below her spanned wings
Cooler now the moon
Away he’s thinking she’s blue

Flying by the lady sings
“Sing not of me, but of my fears.”
Weeping under bright stars
She rests her head on the moon
Her dreams drift between the tears
Awake, he watches the rain

Fiction tricks love into novelty
Living alone, he waits quietly
Her love flying by, sub-moonly
He questions love and reality

Flying by the lady sings
“Love lost is love still.”
Wings slow, the wind ceases
Falling completely to him, 
Everything is quiet, whole, dim
Eternal bond, hearts filled.


Take it slowly

Take it Slowly

I’m traveling along with destiny in my pocket
I’ve got a jump on the clock, only watching
The depot is deserted, definitely no train stoppin’
Faster and faster and feeling like we’ve not started

Take it slowly, take it slowly
Take it slowly, take it slowly

Its not always this obtainable, this stress
Only when the weekend pours out of both ends
Irreplaceable wasteables such as time
Throw them away before you change your mind

Take it slowly, take it slowly
Take it slowly, take it slowly
Rushing isn’t very flattering
Take it slowly, take it slowly

Late night.

Having a little trouble sleeping, so why not write?

Late night
Forever in a moment seems like nothing in a dream
Alone but not lonely, sleep creeps from the deep.
Winter’s crisp blade sneaks quietly.
Both alive and awake, 
Slumber dances with leaping sheep.