The Potential Energy of Waiting…Don't Let Time Get You Down

Don't let time get you down

For the past three months I have made lots of phone calls. The phone calls were to healthcare centers, mental health clinics, learning enrichment centers, Hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. The subject of each phone call was music therapy. I called near an amount of 80 establishments to ask if they were interested in any music therapy service…full-time, contract, consult, inservice? Most of the answers were…you guessed it, “We can’t afford those services now, call back in a month.” The “call back in a month part”, I believe was an easy let down because when I called them back they seemed to forget our first conversation. That was how it went for the first two months of the calling and networking.

I took my board-certification exam on June 30th and am now officially a professional music therapist, baring the credentials MT-BC. June 30th also marked the two month mark of my attempts to land music therapy contracts with several businesses.  Now that a bit of time has passed, I now have accepted contracts with four establishments, giving several presentations/inservices, and led informative meetings about music therapy services for each respective business I now contract my services through.

The potential energy of waiting refers to the tension, frustration, and sometimes anger involved in waiting for these companies to just say “YES!” The payoff, or kinetic energy of the waiting, is then huge. When you become frustrated because you have put a considerable amount of time into a project, whatever it may be, that adds to the potential energy, which in return adds momentum to the project once you complete the task. This rewards you with not only a grand feeling of success but with the momentum to continue the success in order to better set up what you are doing. That is where I want to be in the next two weeks.

I feel that I am at the apex of something wonderful. The potential energy of waiting has motivated me to put in the amount of work to get the contracts I have obtained. This success, though initial, has motivated Caroline and I to start Creative Therapy. Creative Therapy is our music therapy contract service business. Creative Therapy based in Salisbury, NC and I offer music therapy on a contractual basis with healthcare organizations within an hour radius. I offer services for families and individuals in their home as well.

I didn’t think any of this could happen, but it did. I attribute the initial success of Creative Therapy to the potential energy of waiting. Don’t let time get you down, let it motivate you to do more!